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Legal notice

Disclosure in accordance with Sec 25 of the Austrian Media Act
Sec 5 of the Austrian E-Commerce Act
Sec 14 of the Austrian Commercial Code


MR Steuerberatung & Wirtschaftsprüfung GmbH
Gierstergasse 6
1120 Vienna
TEL: +43 (0)1 811 06-0
FAX: +43 (0)1 811 06 18

Commercial register no.: FN 459605g
Competent court: Vienna Commercial Court
Corporate purpose: Tax advice and auditing
VAT ID no.: ATU71480015

Regulatory body: Austrian Chamber of Chartered Accountants (KSW)
Professional regulations: Austrian Act on Professions in the Field of Public Accounting 2017 (Wirtschaftstreuhandberufsgesetz 2017– WTBG 2017)


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Conception, webdesign & programming:
Werbeagentur abm Feregyhazy & Simon GmbH
Unterhaidstraße 17
4050 Traun


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