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Tax advice

We personally consult our clients on all their tax questions and make sure to always provide tailor-made solutions – never losing sight of the goal of minimising their tax burden.

Our services are based on in-depth knowledge of both Austrian and international tax law. We also represent you before tax authorities.

We provide expertise in the following fields:


  • Advice in the founding
    phase for first-time
    entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • International tax law
  • Value added tax
  • Preparing annual financial
  • Filing tax returns
  • Tax appeals and procedural law
  • Financial criminal law
  • Reorganisations
  • Succession planning


Our number-one priority is to optimise your tax situation:

our individualised advice will keep you up to speed despite fast changing legislation.


Martin Rollé


To adequately depict the financial situation of a company and make the right management decisions, payments must be swiftly entered in the accounting systems.

We collaborate with you to design a plan for a maximally efficient and smooth accounting system that fits your company’s size and needs. If you are thinking about adapting or optimising your internal processes or implementing changes in your IT infrastructure, we will be happy to support you on site.

The automation and digitisation of bookkeeping harbours great potential:


  • Online access to bookkeeping via web portal
  • Potential for savings and quality improvement through the integration of bookkeeping data (accounts payable and receivable, bank receipts, etc.)
  • Time savings through on-demand availability of digital receipts

We move bookkeeping into the age of digitalisation:

automated processes in accounting open up time for analysis and improved use of data.


Thomas Hlawenka

Auditing services

There are three main areas in the auditing business: financial statement audits, other audits and agreed-upon procedures. Regardless of whether you call on us to carry out statutory or voluntary audits, our support does not end once we have issued the accountant’s opinion.

True to our motto ‘We support every company as if it were our own’, we want to have a positive impact on your company’s future – which is why we not only discuss the audit’s results with you but also propose specific measures you can take.

We are happy to assist you in the following fields:


  • Statutory and voluntary audits
  • Foundation auditing
  • Auditing for associations
  • Auditing for the Austrian quality seal for charitable organisations
  • Reviewing the tax deductibility of donations
  • Other audits
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Special audits: reorganisation audits, company formation audits, audits of contributions in kind

Get an audit with added value:

we will not just inform you of the facts and figures but take time for a debriefing session to discuss your company’s future development.


Thomas Hlawenka

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